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Island Recommendations

Living in Isle of Palms, we are blessed with many fabulous places to eat, both here on Isle of Palms as well as Sullivans Island. Of course the Charleston area has some of the best restaurants in the Southeast, if not the country, but below are our favorite spots on the two islands. Plus, you can access them with your golf cart or LSV rental! We highly recommend getting reservations if possible, or calling ahead, as all of these great eateries can get quite crowded!

Low Key Beach Bars / Dives

the dinghy isle of palms

The Dinghy

Isle of Palms - 8 JC Long Blvd
An Isle of Palms beach pub serving food and drinks with a laid-back island vibe. Live music played on the patio regularly.

the windjammer isle of palms

The Windjammer

Isle of Palms - 1008 Ocean Blvd
A lively Isle of Palms mainstay with a bar menu, a deck overlooking the beach, and a regular lineup of live bands.

dunleavys pub sullivans island

Dunleavy's Pub

Sullivans Island - 2213 Middle St
A low key Irish pub serving a variety of bar food (although no Irish fare). But the Guiness and Harp are flowing on tap!

Fast Casual Restaurants

papis taqueria isle of palms

Papi's Taqueria

Isle of Palms - 1012 Ocean Blvd
This newer restaurant, though small, serves up some delicious and inventive tacos. Also has a rooftop deck for drinks.

poes tavern sullivans island

Poe's Tavern

Sullivans Island - 2210 Middle St
Known for their burgers, this favorite local eatery features decor devoted to Edgar Allan Poe, who was once stationed here.

home team bbq sullivans island

Home Team BBQ

Sullivans Island - 2209 Middle St
Delicious slow-smoked BBQ, chicken, and quality southern sides. The chicken wings are a must! Thriving late-night bar crowd.

More Upscale Dining

acme lowcountry kitchen isle of palms

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen

Isle of Palms - 31 JC Long Blvd
Breakfast, brunch, and dinner are served daily in a casual beach atmosphere. Inventive takes on classic southern food.

long island cafe isle of palms

Long Island Cafe

Isle of Palms - 1515 Palm Blvd
Don't be fooled by the outside. This place has been serving up some of the best food on the island for over 30 years.

obstinate daughter sullivans island

The Obstinate Daughter

Sullivans Island - 2063 Middle St
An elegant restaurant serving pasta, delicious wood-fired pizzas, and seafood dishes. Also serving brunch and lunch.


cafe paname isle of palms

Cafe Paname

Isle of Palms - 1202 Palm Blvd
Local coffee shop serving up delicious hot and cold beverages, as well as a variety of pastries and sandwiches.

republic ice cream sullivans island

Republic Ice Cream

Sullivans Island - 2120 Middle St
Homemade, rich and creamy ice cream, served up in freshly made waffle cones. Seriously, this stuff is delicious!

beardcats sweet shop sullivans island

BeardCat's Sweet Shop

Sullivans Island - 2063 Middle St
BeardCat's is located underneath The Obstinate Daughter, and serves gelato, coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. Yummy!

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