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In order to rent a cart from Just Beachy Golf Cart Rentals, you must be at least 25 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Anyone driving one of our carts must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license.

Our carts are rented “by the night”, similar to a vacation rental property. Carts will be delivered to you on the day of your arrival between 12pm and 6pm. They will be picked up on the day of your departure between 8am and 11am. We highly recommend booking your cart rental for the same dates as your vacation rental property. We do not offer pick-up or drop-off at our office location, nor do we accept walk-in traffic.

No, we do not offer on-site pickup or drop-off at our office location. All of our cart rentals are delivered to your vacation rental address and picked back up by a member of our team.

We charge the full amount of your rental upfront in order to ensure your booking. A credit card is required as payment. We do not charge a security deposit, however your credit card will be subject to be charged for any damages.

You can book directly on our website by clicking on “Book Now”. You can also call us at 843-885-3090 to book over the phone. We do not accept in-person bookings at our office location.

No, we currently only offer multi-day rentals. Our minimum rental periods are determined by season.

Your rental may be cancelled without penalty up to 30 days prior to your arrival. Cancellations received 15-30 days prior to your arrival will be refunded at 50% of the original amount. Cancellations received within 15 days of arrival are nonrefundable.

LSV stands for Low Speed Vehicle, which is a fully street-legal vehicle licensed by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. An LSV and a golf cart are substantially similar, simply one complies with all of the regulations to be classified as street-legal. In order to qualify as a Low Speed Vehicle, a cart must leave the factory and be titled as one, as well as have a traditional 17-digit VIN number. Additionally, these carts must have standard safety equipment, such as seatbelts, headlights, taillights, turn signals, side-view mirrors, etc. An LSV may legally operate on any street with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less, whereas a golf cart has restrictions.

This can be easily summed up with what you want to be able to do with your cart while you are visiting Isle of Palms or Sullivans Island. A golf cart cannot be driven at night, cannot drive on the main roads, and cannot cross the bridge between Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island. An LSV, however, can do all of these things. So, if you’d like the ability to drive out to the restaurants at night, or drive between the two islands, the LSV will be your best choice. 

Yes, we only rent carts to single family homes/townhomes in Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island. We do not rent to hotels or multi-story condo buildings. Also, the Wild Dunes community has additional restrictions. They do not allow regular golf cart rentals, only street-legal LSV’s. They do not allow any cart rentals in the following locations within Wild Dunes: Seaside Cottages, Port O’Call, Summerhouse, Shipwatch, Tidewater, Ocean Club, Seascape Villas, Seagrove Villas, Lagoon Villas, Shipwreck, Mariner’s Walk, The Moorings, or Beach Club Villas.

Your cart will come with a built-in charger. You simply need to plug the cart in to a standard 110v outlet in order to charge. We recommend charging the cart overnight each night, as it will take 14-16 hours to fully charge. This will ensure it is fully charged and ready to go when you need it. We also provide extension cords if needed!

Most of our carts will travel 20-25 miles on a single charge. However, please keep in mind that you cannot drive the cart until the battery indicator reads 0%. The cart will require charging once the battery indicator reads about 30%, and we do not recommend operating the cart with less than 50% battery life remaining.

Falling rain will not hurt the cart, however flood waters can definitely mess up the cart. Parking the cart outside or driving during light rain is not an issue, but driving through any standing water can get in the wiring and engine compartment and cause major issues. It is generally best not to operate the cart while it is raining if possible.

Yes! LSV golf carts are legal to operate 24 hours per day.

Our LSV golf carts may not be driven on the beach, any beach access paths, sidewalks, the golf course, or anywhere off-road. Additionally, the carts cannot leave the two islands by crossing either of the main bridges (IOP Connector or Ben Sawyer Bridge).

Golf carts and LSV’s can be parked in any parking space designated for an automobile. This includes striped spaces in a parking lot as well as designated off-street parking, such as along Palm Blvd. Additionally, there are a few areas on Isle of Palms with designated golf cart parking. Beach parking at 9th Ocean Blvd, 25th Ave, 28th Ave, and 31st Ave; parking at IOP Marina; and restaurant parking at the corner of Ocean Blvd and JC Long Blvd.

Parking on the side of the street is only available on Palm Blvd on Isle of Palms, as the rest of the streets are reserved for resident parking. Additionally, parking is only allowed on one side of the street in Sullivans Island, so be sure to park only where signs indicate you can.

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