Isle of Palms Golf Cart Rentals

IOP Golf Cart Rentals Available Today

Just Beachy offers four types of low-speed vehicle rentals on the Isle of Palms, SC, ideal for groups or families. All our LSVs are 100% electric, eco-friendly vehicles. They are permitted on IOP beaches and streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less, including Palm Blvd.

BeachyFun 4 Pass LSV

Our standard 4-person model features four seats and a top speed of up to 22-25 mph. The seating arrangement is two front-facing seats in the front and two rear-facing seats in the back. 

BeachyFun 6 Pass LSV

A six-seater version of the BeachyFun 4 Pass has three rows of seats: two rows of front-facing seats and one set of rear-facing seats. This model is suitable for large families and friend groups.

BeachyPremier 4 Pass LSV

Our premium 4-seater model has luxurious seats and long-range batteries. It also features LED headlights and taillights, Bluetooth speakers and an electronically locked trunk, ideal for groups looking to travel IOP in style.

BeachyPremier 6 Pass LSV

This is the 6-seater lsv with three rows of comfortable seats for you and your entire family to enjoy. The rear seats feature an additional safety handlebar, keeping younger passengers safe.

Why you should rent a golf cart on IOP

Whether soaking up the sun on the Isle of Palms solo, with friends or with family, your vacation should be spectacular. For an exciting and convenient way to explore every corner of the Isle of Palms, a golf cart rental will keep you on the move.

At Just Beachy, we offer top-of-the-line LSVs that ensure a smooth and easy ride. Unlike standard golf carts, our LSVs are street-legal and fully equipped with all the required safety features, including seatbelts, headlights for nighttime use and compliance with U.S. federal safety regulations.

These LSVs are perfect for zipping around the Isle of Palms day or night. With a top speed of 22-25 mph, they’re faster than regular golf carts, ensuring you get to your destinations quickly and comfortably. Choose Just Beachy for a fun, hassle-free way to navigate your unforgettable vacation on the Isle of Palms!

IOP GOlf cart rental Reviews

Check out the latest reviews from customers who rented our golf carts on Isle of Palms!

Anne Marie White
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Wow, the Just Beachy team was great. They set up our carts and brought extension cords…which we needed, but would never have thought about. Their system made it easy to book and provide multiple driver IDs. And other than the ease and fun of tooling around town in the carts (we said the hassles of a car would have kept us home more), the best thing was the regular and easy communications. Thanks!
Amanda Pitts
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Great golf carts and Jackie was the best providing info and communication! Highly recommend 😊
Rush Howell
Read More
Great rental experience. Delivered to and picked up from the houses, we got a lot of use of our carts and will absolutely rent from Just Beachy again when back at the Isle of Palms. Thanks to Jackie and the team for making a great weekend even better!


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